Memphis, Tuesday night

What Bob eats is, by definition, the breakfast of champions

This is Bob Hamman, who lives at the very top of the Bridge food chain, and has for 40 years or so.  He has world and national championships too numerous to count, and won another national championship Sunday.

I saw him scarfing down a crummy convention center hot dog and asked him if it was the secret to his success.  He pointed out that Babe Ruth said he trained on hot dogs and beer, and if was good enough for the Babe……………

Well, Bob is passing on the beer, at least right before game time.  In the bar tonight, no so much.

Gail and I played today in the National Mixed Pairs.  We had one horrendous disaster of a game, and withdrew.  Plus 150 is rarely a good score–it means you missed a notrump game or a minor game.  We did it 3 times today.

Instead of playing tonight, we went out to a very nice dinner at Felicia Suzanne’s, which is not only the closest restaurant to our hotel, but was the first place that popped up when Gail googled “Best Restaurant Memphis”.

We started with smoked salmon deviled eggs, topped with caviar.  Then a BLFGT salad–bacon, lettuce, fried green tomatoes.  Between the fried tomato and the strip of over cooked bacon it was hardly the healthy bite we think a salad should be, but it certainly tasted good.

Then I had salmon, sitting of a bed of fresh corn etoufee.  Gail had small plates of both gumbo, and rock shrimp and dumplings. We ate it all, but most definitely had no room for dessert.

We’re heading home in the morning–no desire to see if we can play as badly tomorrow as we did today.  Memphis has been fun, some good bridge some bad bridge but the food was much better than I had any reason to expect.

The next NABC is Philadelphia this summer, but I refuse to attend because they are playing all events on the 10 and 3 schedule.  I’ll save up my bridge luck for San Francisco in the fall.


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