I’m Here, the Fun Begins

The flight from DFW was bumpy but uneventful.  Plane left about 30 minutes late, but we didn’t have to be here any special time.

Hertz offered me either a bright red Camaro or a mini-van.  Staid, sober, rational Micky wanted me to take the soccer mom-mobile. We’re enjoying the Camaro–it even has the modern heads-up display, where you can see what speed you are doing in the middle distance in front of you without looking down, and a back-up camera that displays in the rear-view mirror.  Much more fun to drive, practicality be damned.

Gail let me take her new iPad on this trip, so I used it to make a video of the palace Bob rented for us:



The alarm system wouldn’t stop beeping, and it’s on the wall in my room.  Bob probably wouldn’t have been able to hear it, but it wasn’t something I could live with.  The rental company sent a maintenance man right out and he made it stop, then I had him check the air conditioning upstairs–it was 20 degrees hotter up there.  He decided that the A/C was not working, and called for a repairman, who arrived in about 90 minutes and quickly fixed that problem.  So now everything is perfect.

Bob, Dan, Bruce and Jack played a one-session Swiss team event this afternoon, and came in first in the X flight and 3rd overall.  We start the KO’s at 7:30 tonight; Mike and I go in for the second half at 9:00.


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