Gail and I needed to get a quick lunch Sunday before the theater, and headed for Table 24 in Orinda’s Theater Square.  They were too crowded to seat us though, so we went across the walk to Shelbys, and ended up very pleased.

Shelbys has been in Theater Square for years, just providing good food in pleasant surroundings.  They’ve had the same chef and operating group since 2005, and know how to keep the place running smoothly, offering French/California food and wine.

I had a salad both healthy and delicious–their Chicken and Mango.

What a great looking salad--grilled breast of chicken, organic greens, avocado, mango, red oniom and vinaigrette.


The chicken breast was warm and moist, the mango and avocado were perfectly ripe, it was everything a chicken salad should be.


Gail had the huevos oaxaqueños–a 3 egg omelet with a spicy, tangy red sauce, black beans and a tortilla.  She took no prisoners and left no crumbs.

The service was excellent–we told the young man we had time issues, and things ran like a Swiss train.


I like the look of this restaurant.


Shelbys is as pleasant to sit in as any local restaurant–the design is fresh and open, with large floral displays and both indoor and outdoor seating.  With its considerable and varied menu, excellent preparation and presentation and top-notch service, I wonder why we haven’t eaten there more often.  That’s a mistake we won’t make again.


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