Sunday at the lake

Our friends Harry and Michael live on Green Valley Ranch, one of the last surviving co-operative living groups from the 70’s.  1200 acres of prime Napa grazing land, shared among 15 guys, most of whom have houses on the property.

Every year on the first Sunday in May, they have a picnic and invite all their friends.   It’s a huge affair, with hundreds of people hanging out and having fun around their own private lake.  Gail and I went up for the afternoon, and I spent much of my time taking photos.

This week, with President Obama speaking publicly in favor of gay marriage the day after North Carolina voted to prohibit it, when Mitt Romney says “‘we should not discard 3000 years of one man-one woman marriage” while ignoring that his great grandfather fled the US so he could have his 12 wives, the gentle pleasant time we had Sunday seems all the poignant.

I think I’ll just show you some of the photos of the day.  Are any of these people really threatening anyone else’s marriage?


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