Heading home

Three days, 4 plays, one museum, a bunch of good food and we’re on our way home.  Have to go to an art show tonight at Fort Mason.

TSA continues its bizarre ways.  They have a new stupidity–you have to tell them your name and where you are going.  Yep, even though they are holding your drivers license, they insist you prove that you know who you are, and where your plane is headed.  I guess they think there is a new breed of terrorist capable of forging perfect ID’s, but not reading them.

So far I’ve seen this idiocy in SFO and JFK.  Last month in Knoxville, and previously in Memphis, they didn’t bother.  Or maybe those cities can’t find TSA agents who can read to see if I got it right.

There is some good news on the security theater front, though.  With the new scanners I don’t have to take my suspenders off, which makes it easier.  In San Francisco, they found it necessary to “pat me down” to prove the suspenders weren’t loaded.  The gate raper didn’t like it when I insisted, as is my (and your) legal right, that he put on new gloves.  He tried to convince me that the gloves were anti-bacterial, but suggested that the last 10 people he had fondled might not be.  He said he didn’t fondle anyone, but what else do you call feeling all over somebody else?

Here in JFK they noted that  I was wearing the braces, but didn’t do anything else.

Gail is a Platinum Advantage member, and they have a new program–big shots get to go through a special line and not have to take off shoes or belts or take computers out.  Since they wouldn’t let a peon like me accompany her, she passed that golden opportunity and came through the same line I did.  This actually makes some sense, since anyone with 2 million frequent flier miles has a pretty proven track record and they shouldn’t be wasting time on them.  Now all I have to do is get another 650,000 miles…..

Reviews of all the plays we saw are coming up, stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Heading home

  1. Is that 1,350,000 BIS miles, or just FF miles? I know a couple in Washington with more than a million BIS on just one airline.

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