We all scream

The classics, like a hot fudge sunday, just can’t be beat.

Played cards with Jack Scott yesterday, while Gail played with Carol. Jack and I had a good first session and a poor second–that damn consistency is so hard to find.

After the game we went to Table 24 for dinner, but that’s no the story.  There’s an ice cream parlor in Orinda I’ve been enjoying for 50 years.  Yup, half a century of butterfat, and I think I can see every bit of it on my hips.  And I don’t regret a single bite.

Loards has been around since 1950.  They have the store in Orinda, and one in Danville, and about 20 other locations around the state.  Generations of high school students have worked there making banana splits, hot fudge sundays and whatever a ‘tin roof’ is.  They stock a couple of dozen flavors, and bunches of unique candies including old brands like Beeman and Clove chewing gum.

Gail just wants a vanilla shake, I go for the hot fudge.  Jack likes the caramel sunday.  (Is it sunday or sundae?  The latter seems pretentious)

We eat in a fair number of fancy restaurants, and I’m usually up for the strange, exotic and outré.  Sometimes, though, you just want the old standby, the classic, the basic.  And you can never go wrong with a hot fudge sunday.  Extra whipped cream.


One thought on “We all scream

  1. Yum, always on the hunt for great ice cream. Have you tried Guenther’s in Sacramento or Tucker’s in Alameda? Both have SUPER creamy ice cream. The Salted Butter Caramel ice cream at Tuckers is one of the best scoops ever!

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