Savor this–it’s a rare sight.


Unit 499 performed a rare feat this week.  In the Sierra KO’s, we managed to sweep all FOUR brackets.

Bracket 1 went to the Liss team, featuring Danny Friedman and Bob Munson; Bob Luebkeman and Mike Bandler were on the 2nd place Corliss team.

Grant Robinson and Teresa Boyd were half of the team winning bracket II.

The Curly Hair twins, Susan Cogan and Daisy Lennon, along with John O’Brien and Brad Komsthoeft, won Bracket III, giving Susan the points she needed for her Gold Card, as well.  Marvin Suchman, Jane Burnson, Ray Barber and Bonnie Macbride were 3/4 in that bracket, too.

Cecilia Ip, Sefton Boyars, Mark Marty. Lee Stanhope and Lee Medeiros topped Bracket IV, completing the rare and unusual KO sweep.

It’s a proud day for the Diablo Valley.  Congratulations to all of the winners,


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