Willi’s Winebar

On our way to yet another adventure Saturday,Gail was furiously Googling to find a great place to eat.  We ended up in  Santa Rosa at Willi’s Winebar, on Old Redwood Highway to the  north of the city.    I have to say we were both surprised and impressed to find a restaurant this good this far off the beaten path.

Willi’s serves small plates, so we got to try a variety of dishes, and there wasn’t  a clunker in the lot.  I liked this place from the moment we sat down, and saw the way the table was set.

Coarse ground pepper on the left, see salt on the right, smoked hot paprika and salt in the middle. A very nice touch.

Crab Tacos with a hint of curry

Baked Oyster. The bed of salt crystals and peppercorns makes a great presentation.

Foie Gras “poppers”. It’s like the week before Prohibition with all the bars getting rid of their gin, only now it’s goose liver.

Roasted carrots. Perfection on a plate.

Fried pigs ears. Not just a treat for your dog anymore. Strange, but wonderful.

Big, beautiful marrow bones.


When I think of Santa Rosa, I sometimes think of Willybird, a famous fried chicken establishment. From now on, I’ll be much happier thinking of Willi’s Winebar, a seriously great place to eat.


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