American Monsters

Kids can be cruel, that isn’t news.  The way a bunch of ill-mannered cretins in Greece, New York (a suburb of Rochester) behaved a few days ago goes beyond anything you might imagine.

This is a ghastly video of what these little monsters did and said to the 68 year old bus monitor.  What she was supposed to monitor, I can’t guess, because she clearly has no authority or control of the situation.  Watch as much of it as you can:



As this video went viral, outrage rose around the US, and a fund was started for Karen Klein, the hapless bus monitor.  It currently has over $650,000, which should fund a decent retirement for her.

And what will happen to the little monsters?  Not much.  Ms. Klein isn’t pressing any charges.  They will probably get some amount of suspension, which always seemed to me just like a vacation from school.

Plato complained about the younger generation; what’s new here is the hideous extent of the bad behavior–I wouldn’t have dreamed of talking to an adult like that, and neither would you.

Okay, I just wanted you to see this, painful as it is.  I don’t have any wisdom to impart, don’t really know what to say, just can’t let it go unnoticed.  Aren’t you glad these kids aren’t yours?



One thought on “American Monsters

  1. I felt awful after watching that video, but I am glad that Karen Klein is getting somewhat of a happy ending. I think she deserves it and I’m glad that she is donating some of that money to charity and good causes. I wrote an article yesterday about her story and the power of the Internet and social media. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:


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