Connected to the world again

Delivered to the front door at 9 am Thursday


Apple may be difficult as hell to deal with, but they deliver on their promises.

I sent my phone off Tuesday morning at the UPS store.  Just walked in, gave them the phone and the RMA (returned materials authorization) number and they did all the rest.

Thursday morning, 9:00 am, there was a knock on the front door and the FedEx man had a package for me.  A nice shiny brand new (or possibly refurbished, I don’t know) iPhone just for me.

Of course, nothing is easy, nothing is without drama.  I raced with it to my computer to activate it, and got the message “No SIM card installed”.  Nobody told me I had to take the SIM out of the old phone when I sent it back, I though that was their responsibility.  Maybe, maybe not.  In any case, my fault or Apple’s, the phone wasn’t going to work until I went to the ATT store and had a SIM installed and activated.

That process is pretty easy, and free.  I spent more time waiting for a clerk than the actual process took, and then I was out and free and once more connected to the interned and the universe with the little magic box in my pocket.

There was one more little incident, though, to make this process complete.

Thursday there was a notice on our mailbox that FedEx had attempted to deliver a package, and it needed an personal signature–no leaving a note, no leaving with neighbors.

Friday there was another notice.  FedEx are a persistent bunch.

Gail and I hoped that the package in question was some wine glasses we have ordered.  So Saturday afternoon, we drove out to the FedEx office in Concord, all excited to see our new goodies.  I was surprised and disappointed to see that the “package” was just an envelope.

The little bitty thing in the middle is my SIM card


Yup, Apple sent back the SIM card, which I no longer needed but they didn’t know that.  Just one more wild goose chase in the saga of the broken iPhone.


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