Famous!!! In an anonymous way

I’m a regular reader of  Andrew Sullivan’s blog, The Dish.  He clearly identifies as conservative, and is opposed to the fanaticism and religious and sexual bigotry of the right wing of American Politics.

Unlike The Totally Unofficial Blog, The Dish does not permit comments.  He has a few million more readers than I do and he wants to avoid the flame wars that break out in many political comment sections.  In an effort to maintain fairness and credibility, though, Sullivan regularly posts emails (without identifying information) he gets from his readers with dissenting opinions, allowing the other points of view to be aired without rebuttal.

Today, there was an article on The Dish discussing the deplorable incident in Tampa where two people, as yet unidentified, threw peanuts at a black CNN camerawoman while explaining “this is how we feed the animals.”  I felt he was making a mountain out of a molehill, and sent him a letter telling him so.

Folks, I’m famous.  I finally made The Dish.  Andrew posted my letter in his “Daily Dissent” article

Mine was the second dissent quoted:


In a political contest too often focused on ginned-up outrage over minor or irrelevant issues, why would anyone focus on this one?

Of course the perpetrators were 100% wrong and out of line. There is no excuse for that much stupidity, much less the bigotry and simple bad manners. The RNC, for a change, did exactly the right thing. They immediately removed the (most likely drunk, although that isn’t mentioned) miscreants, and clearly stated that their behavior was inexcusable and would not be tolerated. What else do you want them to do?

I agree with virtually everything you say about the Republican Party these days. I just think we need to keep the attention on real issues, not the childish and stupid actions of a couple of clowns who most likely represent West Podunk, Alabama and have never been to the big city before.


That post will see more readers today than all the people who have ever, or will ever, seen this blog in a lifetime.  I’m famous!!  Sorta.


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