The opposite of green

It took this much packaging to send me a new credit card


I got a new credit card from Citibank.  It’s a fancy, premium card that gives me more mile on American Air, so I’m pretty happy.

I’m not happy, though, with the packaging.  See all that?  In order to send me 4 credit cards, which would fit well into one #10 envelope, they sent two packages, inside of which were fancy black cardboard sleeves, inside of which were fancy black cardboard boxes, inside of which were, you guessed it, #10 envelopes, inside of which were 2 credit cards.

I guess they are trying to impress me with all this, but I’d be more impressed if I could get them on the phone without having to give my 16 digit number two or three times.

There is just no excuse for this sort of excess–even if they need to impress the customers, why does it take two packages for 4 credit cards?  It just doubles the chance of one of them getting lost in the shuffle.


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