Edible art

Sushi restaurants often have a card on the table with a photo of the food and the sign “edible art”. Tonight, Gail and I went to Kobe, on Oak Park Blvd in Pleasant Hill where the take presentation to an entirely new level.

Kobe, in the space long occupied by Back Forty, is a large establishment with a bar area, a sushi area and a group of robata grills like a poor man’s Benihana. They offer a wide variety of Japanese and other Asian foods.

We were there for the sushi, although we started with the shrimp avocado spring rolls. Don’t order them—way too much deep fried fattiness, not enough good taste. There are better things here–the gyoza, for instance, are light and delectable.

I ordered a Volcano roll and a Lion King roll and was stunned by the presentation.



The little electric lights change color. The drawings on the plates are amusing. The whole effect is simply delightful.

Of course, presentation is nothing if the food doesn’t measure up, but at Kobe the sushi tastes as good as it looks. The busier a sushi bar is the fresher the fish will be, and Kobe is very very busy. Prices are reasonable (sushi is never cheap), service is quick and friendly. They even offer free delivery!! I’m a happy camper.

Kobe Japan on Urbanspoon


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