They call it music city for a reason

After dinner last night, we wandered over to Music Row, the area of Nashville filled with honky-tonks, bars, saloons, dives and assorted other drinking establishments where music is blared.  For several blocks, these stand cheek by jowl and you can wander into as many as you like–there are no cover charges.

The business model here is that the hundreds of bands trying to make it in Music City get to play an hour set and pass the hat–they don’t get paid by the house, and after an hour they have to make way for the next group.  The house gets its entertainment for free and the bands get exposure and tips.  It seems to work.


Isn’t this what a honky-tonk is supposed to look like?


Didn’t this guy used to play bass for ZZ Top?


We spent the best part of the evening at a table at Roberts Western World, a bar which is supposed to look like a western wear shop, with rows of boots in racks on the wall.  I don’t get the conceit, but who cares?  The music is good and the beer is cold.

One of these bars looks much like another. This is next door to the first one.


My annual beer. When in Nashville………………………….

Here is the star of the evening, Sarah Gayle Meech.  She comes from Washington, has been singing since she was 5, and her mother was sitting right behind us and is now Gail’s new best friend.

Sarah Gayle Meech and friends playing for tips and hope at Roberts Western World.


We had fun.  We had beer.  We’ll be back tonight after dinner.  This time I’ll bring ear plugs–the music may be good, but it’s also damn loud.


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