Christmas Spirit

Oakland Schools Music teacher John Harrington

Oakland Schools Music teacher John Harrington

I’ve written about our friend John before, in the part of his life  where he is a professional musician.  Today, I’m writing about the music teacher John.

We bought that electronic keyboard for a Christmas party a few years ago, sang some carols and never used it again.  I got the bright idea to offer it to John to give to a student who couldn’t afford one of his own, and it found a happy home.

Now I’d like to ask all of the people who read this blog:  Do you have any old musical instruments in your house?  Did you son play clarinet in the 9th grade and it’s been in your garage for the last 21 years?  Did your daughter plead for a guitar that hasn’t left the shelf since Carter was president?  Are you still holding on to the trumpet you played in college, thinking someday you’ll play it again?

I’ve got a use for those instruments.  John teaches music  in 3 different Oakland grade schools, and there is always a need for instruments for children with interest and talent whose parents can’t afford to provide them.

This isn’t a fancy charity.  There aren’t any tax deductions.  You just get to clear out the garage or the closet and some kid gets a chance he or she needs.

Leave a comment or call me or write me.  I’ll pick up and deliver.  In general I have as much Christmas spirit as Ebeneezer Scrooge on a bad day, but I like to help kids.  I hope you do to.

Please forward this blog post to any of your friends who might be able to help, too.



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