Repairs on the Bridge Club move along, slowly

I believe I mentioned that contractors can only be trusted to do things behind schedule.  That continues to be true.

Almost 3 weeks after starting the simple job of replacing a couple of sections of wall, here is what the club looks like:

The front door area

The front door area


Some basic framing is in place, but no door.  I was there Wednesday and the building maintenance man, Ken, said that the door had not even been ordered yet (it isn’t his job, it’s the contractors job).  On Friday, Iris told me that they now say it is ordered, but won’t say when they ordered it.

The side wall.  Same situation.

The side wall. Same situation.


Ken has been very busy doing his job, removing the wet and weakened dry wall from the north side of the room where it was flooded, cleaning and priming the interior framing and replacing everything.  His part of the job looks excellent, and is finished.

A long shot of the whole room.

A long shot of the whole room.


The carpeting has been ordered, they say.  Bonnie and Barbara have both noticed that they aren’t having allergy problems in the temporary facility, and they have some significant hope that the new drywall and carpeting may alleviate the allergy problems in the old place.

How soon?  Who knows?  If the door and windows and carpets are indeed ordered, they should arrive in a few days and it will still be perhaps 10 days before the club can re-open.  If there is another delay, for whatever reason, then………………


One thing we should not have to worry about in the future is the outside drainage issue that caused the floods.  Here’s the part that was the problem:

The large Y joint that caused the backup

The large Y joint that caused the backup


This has been replaced with one that works, we will be staying dry in the future.

And that’s the news.  The tide comes in, the tide goes out, contractors run late.





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