Simple and solid

Dinner tonight at the Sardine Can, on the water in Vallejo.  We started eating here years ago, when the Napa/Vallejo sectional was held every year on Memorial Day weekend at the Dan Foley Center in Vallejo.  It was always hotter than Hades at the tournament, and at least a bit cooler at the Sardine Can, by the marina.  The food is excellent and the price is right for cheapskate bridgeplayers.

Restaurants don’t come any less pretentious–picnic tables, formica tops, paper napkins and cheap flatware.  The goodness here isn’t in the decor, it’s in the food.

Gail loves to start with a bay shrimp cocktail

Gail loves to start with a bay shrimp cocktail

The menu is heavy on seafood, and there is a distinct New Orleans/Cajun bias to the choices.  This fits in well with their Sunday Jazz, afternoons and evenings with local jazz artists.

It isn’t all Cajun, this is California and you can’t get away from the Mexican influence.  Gail opted for the nachos, then ordered a cup of chili to pour over the top.  You can take the girl out of the Central Valley……

Nachos covered in  melted cheese, topped with jalapenos and sour cream.

Nachos covered in melted cheese, topped with jalapeños and sour cream.

I started with their spectacular soup:

This is great soup.

This is great soup.

And the particular dish that was on my mind tonight, the reason we came here:

Jambalaya, just like in Nawlins

Jambalaya, just like in Nawlins

This is some high quality jambalaya.  Chicken, shrimp, scallops, sausage all in Cajun rice.  Pretty spicy, about as hot as I can handle, it’s great.

Our friend Harry was with us; he ordered the rib eye steak, which was just average–come here, stick to the spicy stuff.

There is a crab sandwich on the menu I strongly recommend if you’re there for lunch.

Dinner for the 3 of us, including a couple of glasses of wine, was only $75.  You don’t have to pay for the any fancy surroundings.

If you want a really good meal, heavy on the Cajun flavor, with no frills, fripperies or pretensions, the Sardine Can is a great place.  You don’t need to dress up, either.
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