Bridge is a social game

Sigrid and Gail socializing over dinner

Sigrid and Gail socializing over dinner


So there we were at dinner in Napa with Sigrid, and were we having a polite conversation?  No.

All three of us had our eyes glued to the tiny screens of our iPhones, watching the finals of the Vanderbilt in St. Louis as the Auken team, captained by only the 9th woman in history to be in the finals, scratched and clawed their way to a win.

It isn’t usually considered polite to be watching your phone at the dinner table with friends, but when an event is this exciting (if four people, 1500 miles away, playing cards at the speed of mud, can every be considered exciting) I guess it can be forgiven.

In any event, we enjoyed our meal, we enjoyed the company, we enjoyed the competition   Perhaps we’ll have to change the definition of good manners to adapt to the times and the internet.




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