My birds are back


I had about given up on seeing our traveling ducks, Sir Francis Drake and Queen Elisabeth I, this year. They usually show up in early March and here it is 4 April but, when I came out today, there they were paddling in our pool.

I guess it doesn’t take much to get me all excited. This is the fourth or fifth year Frank and Elizabeth have decided to visit with us for a few weeks. I just always enjoy them for some reason.

Of course, I rushed out to give them a handful of corn. It was clear they remembered, if not me, then the taste of corn because they came running and ate everything I threw out.

I never know when they will arrive or when they will depart. All I can do is enjoy them while they are here.


4 thoughts on “My birds are back

  1. They need to get better calendar programs for their iPhones if they want to challenge the guys at Capistrano. BTW, how do you spell Elizabeth/Elisabeth?

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