They have pizza here. Who knew?

There is nothing like a quick 11 hours of sleep to make you feel better.

Jet lag vanquished, we ambled down the hill towards the city. It’s a walk of perhaps three quarters of a mile made exciting by the cars whizzing past within centimeters. We had to stop every few hundred yards to gaze at the sea and the buildings clinging to the cliffs.


I don’t know what this tiny structure is or why there is a stairway to the roof, it’s just part of the fascination of the Amalfi coast.

We ate lunch on the town square, in a place called Piazza Duomo. Gail did something she would never do at home–she ordered pizza.


This isn’t a bit like what we serve at Fat Slice. It was tasty, but not up to our standards. Too thin, not enough cheese, not enough meat. Clearly, these people don’t know much about pizza.


Brad had a Caprese salad, which is what I usually have. It looked, and tasted, simply wonderful. The local tomatoes are rich and ripe. The mozzarella was made within the last few days, maybe hours. The balsamic vinegar is of a much higher quality, the basil leaves were fresh picked.

Paying the bill is a bit of an adventure as well. The waiter brings a wireless machine to the table to scan your credit card. European law prohibits him taking your card away from the table; there is very little credit card fraud that way. The system is quick and safe, I wish we had it at home.

Walking into town was all downhill. Returning to our apartment is a taxi ride.

Gail and I played two quick tournaments on BridgeBase, and now it’s time for my nap. More after dinner.


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