Italy in miniature

Driving along the coast northward from Amalfi towards Positano, you pass through the tiny burg of Praiano.  Just before you get there, on the uphill side of the road, in a wide spot where you can pull off, is a miniature version in ceramic.

There are a number of these miniatures in this area, but this is the largest and most interesting.

A panorama of the entire city

A panorama of the entire city


The miniature city is both accurate and complete.  There is a plaque from the artist:


The artist Michele Castellano taking credit for the installation


The town church

The town church


The houses along the cliffs--they really look like this

The houses along the cliffs–they really look like this

The climate here is much like California, with hot, dry summers.  Cactus grows quite a bit in this area.

More of the city buildings

More of the city buildings




The arbors and trellises here are all made from hard, straight wood, just the way it looks here.


Cliff house detail

Cliff house detail


High and to the right of the construction is a Nativity Scene, just because we’re in Italy.  There is a donation box to assist in the maintenance, naturally.

Ceramics have been important in this area for 3000 years; the clay here must be just right.  There are many ceramic factories where you can get a set of dishes custom made, or invest in “art” or serving platters or huge ceramic tables which would be great on the patio. I think it’s interesting that local artists do these miniatures not for profit but for the love of their art.





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