Do some good today

Gail listens to talk radio on her way to work, and Sleep Train is a regular advertiser.

This week, they weren’t advertising mattresses, they were advertising their program to help foster children.  School is starting, and these kids don’t have the wherewithal to obtain all the basics for class–backpacks, pencils, pens, etc.  Sleep Train was soliciting donations to help the kids out.

Gail, ever the softie where kids are concerned, decided that we had to do something.  So we went off to Office Max today to load up on the basics, then to Costco to pick up some backpacks.

When we got home, we assembled everything:

Busily assembling backpacks full of school supplies.

Busily assembling backpacks full of school supplies.

Once we had the six backpacks together, it was off to Sleep Train to deliver the goods.  I had my usual role as pack mule:

First rule: show the sponsor's name.

First rule: show the sponsor’s name.

You’re doing well. Your kids and grandkids have everything they need.  Why don’t you consider helping out some poor kids who have been yanked from their home and placed with strangers?  Their life is tough enough without having to go to a strange school without the basic supplies.  It will make you feel good, I promise.


5 thoughts on “Do some good today

      • I volunteer at a food pantry in town. We have been filling backpacks for a few weeks now, it is a great
        Feeling to see the smiles when we hand them out. Our parents would be so proud! Don’t listen to
        Cuz Nick (I still call him Roland) I like your suspenders!

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