Another adventure begins

Gail and i are in Orlando for a long weekend.  It’s Susan Rowley’s birthday, and festivities are in order

Flying here was more than the usual travail.  The TSA in San Francisco insists on you telling them your name.  Apparently they are afraid of a group of terrorists brilliant enough to plan an attack yet too stupid to remember the names on their fake ID’s.  OK, I think it’s just something to irritate people so they look like they are doing something.

Our flight from SFO to Dallas had two trainee cabin attendants, and things went slowly. They have to get some real world practice before they graduate from cabin attendant academy, and we were the guinea pigs.

Then we get to Dallas, and our flight is delayed for over 2 hours for some mechanical glitch.  But of course they can’t tell you upfront that it will be 2 hours so you can go off to the Admirals Club and wait in comfort–they have to keep telling you “10 more minutes” like you were a child, so you cannot make an intelligent decision on what to do with your time.  I hate airlines.

But we got there.  And Susan and Karl were there to greet us:


SR in her jammies with her pillow was waiting for us.

SR in her jammies with her pillow was waiting for us.


Florida is its usual silly self.  I saw something I’ve never seen before at the airport:


He claims to be a chauffer

He claims to be a chauffeur


A man in a tuxedo and flip-flops?  Only in Florida.

Big party Tuesday night.  Small party Monday night.  Frivolity all the way around, home on Wednesday.  Stay tuned, it’s always a wild ride here.


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