Off to Chicos

Sometimes Gail and Susan are Thelma and Louise, tearing up the countryside. Today, they were Laverne and Shirley.

Dinner party here tonight, so Karl is cooking up a storm.  The rest of us wandered down to Winter Park to commit a little shopping and eat lunch.  Lunch was nothing to speak of at a very average Italian place.  It bored me, I won’t bore you.

Chicos is some kind of phenomenon of American marketing–they appeal to a huge number of women who no longer wear miniskirts and see-thru tops, women who say the can’t find the clothes at The Fifth Collection they want in any other store.  From their webite:

Chico’s was founded in 1983 as a small boutique selling Mexican folk art and cotton sweaters on Sanibel Island in Florida. Our friendly environment and unique styles connected with customers in a special way that quickly evolved into over 700 Chico’s boutiques nationwide, a monthly catalog, and round-the-clock shopping at


The store itself is not huge, not a separate building, just a storefront on the main drag.

THe last I would see of them for a while

THe last I would see of them for a while


Gail isn’t a big fan of shopping, and I am most certainly no welcome to go with her.  Usually, nobody is allowed to accompany her, but she makes an exception for Susan.  I got to wander the streets of Winter Park, where I noticed this bench outside the store.

I think Chico's had this bench installed.

I think Chico’s had this bench installed.


I had to ask, and indeed I was right: these guys were waiting for their wives, too.  This apparently is the unofficial husbands waiting room .

Fortunately, people who hate to shop don’t take long doing it.




Success.  Something was purchased, not that there will be any modeling going on.  Someday i’ll see Gail in something and she’ll tell me it’s what she got with Susan,  Maybe.





One thought on “Off to Chicos

  1. Chico’s has a great sizing gimmick…..the clothes are either size 1 or 2 or 3. No double digits, not even anything as high as a 4.

    Now, if only my Linda would escape from Chico’s with only one bag….

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