Free at last

Okay, maybe that a trifle melodramatic, but I won’t be spending my life in Los Angeles anymore.

The ice cream/cookie store didn’t make it; I let the staff go and shut the doors last Tuesday.  I hated to have to do it, but the sales just weren’t growing, advertising wasn’t getting any response and the losses were unsustainable.

The whole sad adventure is just another proof that the three most important things are location, location, location.  We just didn’t have it–not enough people walking past the front door, not enough visibility, not enough location.  I didn’t choose the site, nobody asked me about it, and I can’t explain the choice.  I just had to play the cards I was dealt.

The experience was great–I loved creating all the graphics and advertising, trying to find places and ways to promote the store, hiring and training, I loved everything but the result.  I especially loved being the chief product tester.  I’m gonna miss that part the most.

So now I’m home, sad/glad to say.  No more living in a 2 star motel, no more subsisting on Subway sandwiches and cookies.  I can play bridge with my friends, sleep next to Gail and keep much more regular hours.

Life is good.


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