Goodbye, Bud

Bud Miller died this week, and I’m sad.  Sometimes people just disappear from the bridge club, and months later you wonder “Where is so and so?”  Bud, I’m going to miss.  Always friendly, always easy going, with a unique laugh you could locate anywhere in the room, Bud was one of the good guys.

This isn’t an obituary, because I don’t know enough details.  I just want to write something good about him. I know he had some trouble with blood clots in his leg a couple of weeks ago, and Lorin Waxman made him go to his doctor.  Maybe that’s what took his life, maybe not.  I guess we’ll find out sooner or later, but it won’t matter.  Bud is gone, regardless of why. 

It would be hard to find a nicer or more pleasant man than Bud. I knew him from the bridge club, of course, but then got to know him as a musician and bocce ball fanatic.  He made a successful career as a CPA, but his real love was music and family.

Bud lived in a family compound–his house and his son’s house were on the same lot, and they shared a full size, professional, bocce ball court, where we enjoyed playing with the whole extended family–son, daughter, grandkids.  Bev, Bud’s wife of forever, doesn’t have the knees to play anymore, but she’s a good coach and non-playing captain.

Scratch a bridge player, and you’ll almost always find another, interesting, abiding interest.  Music was an integral part of Bud’s life, and much of his family as well. Bev played first clarinet for Cal, daughter Tracy has an album out, grandson Jonathan is an accomplished performer still in high school.    Bud once wrote an entire musical play, both the book and the music.

A couple of years ago Bud graced our yard with a family musical event.  He even sang a song he wrote–here is a small clip to remember him by.



4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Bud

  1. Thank you for this, Chris. It’s a lovely tribute to a lovely man which leaves me with a smile in my heart and a huge lump in my throat.

  2. I only knew Bud by his face. Sounds as though we lost a keeper.

    Chris you could write my obit, anytime. Later preferably.

    Kathy Gray

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