The Insanity Continues



Writing as I’m standing in the security line at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Gail has gone through the fast line, I’m stuck in the slow line. Why this should be, no one could possibly know.

Stanford played Arizona last night here, so the airport is very busy this morning. This line may go on forever. I hope to make my flight, but may not have any time to get a snack before the plane.

Once again, security theater is the order of the day. I guess I’m glad that Gail got through ahead of me, somebody should be sitting down.


One thought on “The Insanity Continues

  1. PHX Terminal 4 is a zoo most days. The Pre-Check comes from either 1) being in a trusted traveler program, 2) being top tier elite with a participating airline, 3) affirmatively joining up with Pre-Check through the TSA or 4) randomly distributed to ordinary flyers. Very randomly.

    Today, Gail won the TSA lottery as a #4. You, dear sir, get to join the rest of the cattle. And FWIW, it was Arizona State. Arizona is down in Tucson. Sorry I missed seeing you both. Maybe next year in Dallas we can get in a dinner or two.

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