Win some……………


I guess you have to either laugh or cry


You can score a team match two ways–board a match, where each board counts for one point regardless of the difference in result, or imps, where the amount of the difference is paramount.

Yesterday, we played 64 boards against good friends, and beat them mercilessly at board a match scoring.  Sadly, the event was scored at imps, and we lost.  This proves something, I guess, but I don’t know what.  We were more consistent, they got the bigger swings.  They’re going to the semi-finals, we’re staying home.  We’re laughing about the win and crying about the loss, all at the same time.

At least lunch was better; we ate at The Elephant Bar.  I was stunned at how crowded they were at 4:15 on Sunday afternoon.  My meal (too late for lunch, too early for dinner.  Maybe we should call it tea?) was a small salad with seared Ahi, which was the sort of healthy, lo-calorie food I live on.  Sometimes.  While contemplating one of their small desserts (the large ones would feed 5 people) our opponents called and suggested starting the second half early, saving me from myself.

Such is life.  A long weekend of very enjoyable bridge, 1.87 masterpoints, one good meal, one so-so meal and home to watch the Olympics. Life is good.


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