Good eats

They can’t all be fancy white linen joints, sometimes you just want dinner.

Tonight we ate at Royal India Grill in Danville.  Nothing fancy, paper placemats, paper napkins, good food.

Lisa and Jack both ordered beer.  Lisa had the large, Jack had the small.

Indian beer is good, and more of it is better.

Indian beer is good, and more of it is better.

The menu has some “fusion” things, like garlic fries and “chili fish”, but then it is solidly Indian, with all the standard things you would expect.  In the daytime they serve a lunch buffet, at night it’s off the menu.

We started with the onion pakoras, which are just onion rings with Indian spices, so you can eat death food and think you’re very cosmopolitan and international.  They were great.

We each ordered a dish.  Gail and Jack both had lamb saag, lamb curry with spinach.  Lisa had chicken tikka masala, a mild chicken curry, and I had lamb rogan josh, another lamb curry, this one considerably spicier than I care for.  The menu isn’t marked with the incendiary properties of the various dishes, and the waiter doesn’t ask how how you want it.  You have been warned.

Lots of curry and rice

Lots of curry and rice

To accompany the meal we ordered two kinds of naan (fresh cooked bread), one with garlic and one with onion. Liked them both, the onion is better.

The food was excellent.  The service was dismal.  Awful. Execrable,  I ordered a sweet lassi (a yogurt drink) and got a salted lassi–not quite the same thing.  I drank it anyway and ordered another sweet lassi.  It took 20 minutes for them to get it to me.  We sat there for quite a while before our plates were cleared.  It seemed to me that the waiter was well equipped to handle the buffet business, had no idea of how to actually wait tables.

Nonetheless, we quite liked Royal Indian Grill.  Don’t take you wife there for your 23rd anniversary.  This isn’t the place to celebrate getting your PhD.  But if you want some darn good curry without frills, it’s the place to go in Danville.
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