More Barefoot Country


Out in the wilds of Antioch last night to see our favorite country band, Barefoot Country.  The steel guitar player is Jim Hussey, son of our friends Ruth and Bob.

We were in a sports bar called Bases Loaded, which seems to be the newest, nicest and most prosperous building on the downtown street.  The last time we saw this group was in a dive bar in Clayton–which actually seems more appropriate.  I kind of like a stinky old bar with brassieres hanging from the ceiling for the once or twice a year I might be in a bar.

For dinner I had a Monte Cristo sandwich, one of my great delights that has mostly disappeared from menus because it is simply death on a plate.  Make a triple decker ham, turkey and swiss sandwich, batter and deep fry it, cover it in powdered sugar and serve it with a bowl of strawberry jam–you can get a heart attack and diabetes at the same time. I tried to complete a trifecta of unhealthiness with a side of garlic fries.

The music started, and people danced.  The lights came on and a very clean and modern sports bar became a nightclub, sort of.

Just because the band is playing doesn't mean they turn off the Giants or A's game.

Just because the band is playing doesn’t mean they turn off the Giants or A’s game.

The light show sort of reminded me of the 60’s


Jean and Ruth

Jean, Ruth and Bill


Enraptured fan

Enraptured fan


Some things I don’t understand in life.


Bulky security guard to make us all safer.

Bulky security guard to make us all safer.


The steel guitar player is 62 years old.  His mom and dad came to see the show.  How rowdy was this crowd likely to get?  Hiring a security guard makes about as much sense as the TSA does.


I saw a woman in an interesting shirt at the bar:

Wouldn't this pique your interest?

Wouldn’t this pique your interest?


So I walked around to see if the front of her shirt had anything interesting, and me Sharon:

The AnEEmaul herself.

The AnEEmaul herself.


Sharon is with the roller derby team, The Undead Bettys.  Roller derby is a great sport and fun to watch.  The next Undead Bettys match is May 10 in Antioch and I’m crushed that we won’t be able to go–we have ticked to the A’s that day, and there is only so much fun we can have.  If you’re free that night, go see them–you’ll have a blast, guaranteed.



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