Off to a good start

It’s time for Gatlinburg again, the annual trek to redneck heaven for a week of big boy bridge with my buddies.

Gail and I were in Santa Cruz for a weekend with the family in a beach house we love to rent.  I came up to SFO last night and camped out in a hotel so I could avail myself of the free parking and not have to get up so bloody early–although my alarm still went off at 5:35.

The hotel shuttle runs at 6:20 or 7:00.  I have an 8:00 flight, and if the 7 am shuttle was even 2 minutes late I would not have been able to check my bag (must be 45 minutes ahead of the flight, not a second later, and they’re strict as Dominican nuns about it).  So I got moving early and took the 6:20.

And by 6:33 I had checked my bag, cleared security and was sitting in the Admirals Club.

Not much business too early on a Sunday morning.

Not much business too early on a Sunday morning.


Mike is on an earlier flight, at 6:50.  I tried to call him, but his phone was already turned off and stowed.  I’ll have 50 minutes in DFW this afternoon to make the connection to the flight to Knoxville, which I think is plenty.  Mike is convinced it isn’t enough time and I’m going to miss the flight, which is why he’s on the earlier one.  Another of our classic differences, but I haven’t missed a flight in my life and doubt that today will be the day.

In any event, the other four guys (Bob, Jack, Bruce and Danny) are coming in through Chicago late tonight and play starts tomorrow.  Stay tuned.


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