Gatlinburg wrap up

And we’re done.

Mike and I are in the Knoxville airport Hilton until our awful o’clock flight home tomorrow.  We played the first half of the Swiss, then lit out for the bright lights and big city.  The rest of the boys finished the event for us, placing 18th or so.  The glory will never end.

Yesterday, we made it to the finals of the KO’s and met up with old friend B. Wayne Stuart III, whose team promptly dismantled us.  Still, while second place may be overrated, it beats third.

Second wasn’t so bad in the morning KO, either.  We played the top seeds, the Lynch team.  Mike and I had the dubious honor of playing against Jeff Meckstroth and Eric Rodwell, two pleasant opponents who made a mistake once, but not against us.

Friday it rained.  The good news is that the registration gift here is an umbrella.  The bad new is that it was made in China:

High quality manufacturing is always worth the investment

High quality manufacturing is always worth the investment


I managed to walk almost the entire block from where we park to the playing site before the wind turned my precious souvenir into scrap pot metal.

Saturday morning the guys took their annual trek to Cherokee, NC for pancakes.  I’ve had those hotcakes twice, and that’s enough for one lifetime.  Besides, the pancake house doesn’t even serve butter, but “butter flavored spread”, and their “maple syrup” has never seen a maple tree.

So another Gatlinburg Regional is in the books.  We played a ton of bridge, picked up about 83 masterpoints, came in 2nd in 3 events and ate the usual boatload of fat and sugar.  A good time was had by all.


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