39 the hard way

Happy Birthday Joan

Happy Birthday Joan


The most pleasant round of a day of bridge is always table 5 (sometimes 6) where Joan Watson is playing with Zina Stokol. Two of the happiest, friendliest women on Earth, you can’t help but enjoy yourself.

Today is Joan’s 39th birthday, backwards. Which is to say that she was born just 13 months after my father was, in 1921, and turned 93 today. Going on 94. I’m impressed.

Joan is from Illinois, but arrived here when she was just 23, following the soldier she loved and married. At that time Walnut Creek had only 1 stop light, at the corner of Mount Diablo and Mail Street. The pavement ended a few blocks from downtown and the streets were gravel and tar.

In her 40’s, Joan went back to school at SF State and then UC Berkeley to become a marriage and family psychologist, practicing in eastern end of Lafayette

If a good attitude is indeed the secret to a long life, then Joan should live forever. I certainly hope she does. Regardless of what happens with the cards, she is always upbeat, ethical, pleasant and a pleasure to play against.

Happy Birthday Joan.


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