You can go home again

Or at least, back to the same restaurant.

There are so many great places to eat that we don’t often repeat, and I even less often will write about a place twice. Seasons 52 is an exception on both counts.

It’s time for the Sacramento Regional again, and we’re in the Doubletree Hotel for the 35th year 9or so) in a row.  I wish I had kept a list of every room I’ve stayed in.

The bridge is desultory, but the dinner Friday was great.  We actually drove across the street, because the traffic on Arden Way is so horrendous that hoofing it isn’t any fun anymore.

Last year, Seasons 52 had just opened, and we loved it.  Now that it is a year old and they have hit full stride, we consider the place spectacular.  One of the best chain restaurants in the country.

I started with the warm caprese salad–fresh mozzarella sandwiched inside warm roasted tomato.  Caprese is always my favorite salad, and this is an interesting and different take on it.

Then came the scallops.  A phenomenally beautiful plate with 8 or 9 scallops, as many thick, roasted asparagus and a line of a wonderful lemon risotto.  The presentation is world class and the food matched it.  Each scallop was cooked perfectly, each asparagus stalk was cooked through but still crispy.  I’ve never had a better scallop dish.

The dessert presentation should be illegal–it is impossible to say no.  They bring out 8 tiny desserts, each created in a large shot glass, and you take your pick.  They are small enough that you can’t resist, and there must be one among the 8 that is calling you name.  In my case, it was the fresh blueberries in lemon curd.  You might enjoy the key lime meringue pie, the raspberry chocolate chip cannoli, the mocha macchiato or one of the other 4 choices.  You won’t be able to say no to all of them.

The level of service is what you would expect from a much more formal and expensive establishment.  Mike’s dish was delayed because the waiter dropped the very hot plate–so he brought Mike a bowl of soup so he shouldn’t be sitting with nothing to eat while the rest of us had our plates, then rushed out another order of his dinner.  Any place can have a problem or mistake, only the good ones handle it so gracefully.

Prices are moderate. and well in keeping with the value.  I wish they would open one of these in our area so I didn’t have to come to Sacramento to enjoy it.

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