Just a quiet Saturday afternoon

Our friend Harry decided he needed to throw one more party before he was too old to wear heels, so he designated yesterday as the day for a Drag Barbecue.  Everyone was invited, costumes were mandatory.

Now some people think a horde of gay man in drag must perforce lead to sin and debauchery, but I can personally testify that there was neither. I looked high and low, being a major fan of debauchery especially, sin is just a sideline.

Since all the gay men were coming as women, I decide to go as a gay man–specifically one of those young, impossibly thin and trim pretty boys known as a “twink”.  I had the eye makeup, the tank top, the shorty shorts and the Italian loafers.  Strangely, I still had to explain it to people.  No, there are no photos.

Words cannot possibly describe the scene, but photos will:



One thought on “Just a quiet Saturday afternoon

  1. I absolutely loved this! No pictures of you??????????????????????????????????????????? I thought Jesus was the prettiest……my best friend excluded of course.

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