I find myself conflicted

We had lunch today in Palo Alto, after the water polo game, at a place called Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant and Bar. I loved it, I hated it, I’m completely of two minds about Coconuts.

The food is spectacular.  We started with guacamole, which is served with green plantain totopes. Deep fried banana thingies instead of corn chips. We ordered more totopes to scoop up the very good guac with, and they arrived so hot they burned my fingers.

The combination plate had my name on it–how often can I get curried goat and jerk chicken all at once?  The plate had two large scoops of fascinating dirty rice, a huge mound of the goat, two pieces of chicken and a salad.  All for $12.95.  This may be the bargain of the century.

So why am I so torn, if the food is so good?  Because the service is less than abysmal, maybe the worst I’ve ever had. Slow, inconsistent, careless, even bossy.  There was nothing right about it.

There were 8 of us at lunch, and the first meal hit the table almost 30 minutes before the last plate. Nobody ever came around to see if we were alright. A great meal was made unpleasant by the incompetent, lackadaisical staff. Not that this stopped them from adding 15% onto the bill for “service”.

I am left in the unpleasant position of telling you where to find great Caribbean food, but not being able to recommend the place.  Find a place that cares about the customers as much as they do the food.
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