Get rich quick

Okay, maybe that isn’t quite true, but it’s a good headline.

I run a football pool every season.  Gail’s son Ross got me into it, so many of the players are from the Fresno area, but that’s hardly a requirement.

It’s a simple pool–it’s called Pick One.  Every week you pick one team, to win.  No point spread.  No odds.  They either win or they don’t. (A tie is a loss, your team has to WIN).  If you win, you stay in. If you lose, you watch the rest of the season from the sidelines.

The next week you do it again, but you can’t use a team twice.  That means that if you stay in long enough, you will have to pick some dogs to win, and that’s where it gets really interesting and challenging.

It costs $100 to enter, and the winner takes all, minus my administration fee.  Last year I wrote a check to the winner for more than $5000–there’s a real good reason to be in this thing.

I’d always like to make the pool bigger and more exciting.  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. You can get in by sending me $100 before the first game on September 4, or even September 7 if you want to choose a Sunday game.  Mail to:

Chris Pisarra

3175 Teigland Road

Lafayette 94549


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