Hotel food done right


Lunch today at Tusca, the restaurant in the Hyatt. As opposed to the hilton across the street, this place knows how to do things right.

I had the above Caprese salad, made with heirloom tomatoes and burrata cheese. Micky instantly stole the Parmesan crisps before I could get a photo, just believe me they were there. It was a great dish and well worth the $8.

Gail and Linda split a huge chopped salad. Mike just nibbled.

Service was fast and first rate, prices relatively reasonable. We were all happy campers.

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2 thoughts on “Hotel food done right

  1. The food looks great, Chris. I wish I had $100 to gamble. I love football and gambling. Just for the record, I’d pick the Saints, Jets, & 49er’s to win. Do you mean you can’t pick the 49er’s to win again? Did you want your little sticker from the tournament? I’d love to have one. Cathleen

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