Not quite heaven

Maui is often thought of as a piece of heaven on earth, a mortal Eden for the enjoyment of man. Soft sultry breezes, blue waves, green mountains. It’s hard to find a nicer place to be then this little island in the middle of the Pacific.

We are here for a long weekend of sun and fun and celebrating the wedding of Gail’s bank manager. I’m easy, I’ll take any excuse to hang out in paradise.

We’re staying at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel, One of those behemoth facilities right on the water in Lahaina. The entire island is sold out for this three day weekend in the middle of a frigid winter, so I guess I should not complain that our room was not ready until the very last second before the official check in time

What I will complain about though, is the complete lack of Internet service in the room. That’s right, 1980 is calling and they want their hotel back.

The hotel guidebook says that there is at least wired in room Internet, but I couldn’t find it. Calling the front desk, I was cheerfully informed that the hotel is upgrading its system, so they have taken the wired Internet out. They just haven’t installed wireless Internet yet.

They claim that there is free wireless Internet in the lobby and public areas. Apparently all I need to do is take my laptop and camp out. Fortunately I can do many things on my phone, including dictating this blog post.


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