Valentine’s Day romance

A beautiful photo of the sky over Maui.  I wish I had taken it, but I swiped it from Daniela A Nievergelt.

A beautiful photo of the sky over Maui. I wish I had taken it, but I swiped it from Daniela A Nievergelt.


Here it is, Valentines Day, and we’re in Maui for a wedding.  Seems like a fellow should do something romantic, and I don’t mean pre-printed cards garish mylar baloons and overpriced roses.

We had a very pleasant dinner with the bride and groom and 13 of their relatives. I’m not a big fan of meeting a ton of new people, (I’ll make an exception for the 13 month old grandson) but the evening went smoothly.  The only problem for me was that we sat down to dinner at the absurd, inexplicable, irrational time of 4:45. Gail and I finished lunch at 2, as adults do,  so to say we weren’t hungry is a masterpiece of understatement.  We shared an appetizer and a salad.  Who knew I could be such a cheap date?

After the meal, the evening was magnificent; sultry and balmy.  I’m driving a convertible Camaro here, so we put the top down and decided to take a drive in the warm, moist air left by the afternoon storm.

Driving north from Lahaina, we quickly passed out of the humungous oceanfront developments into the quiet part of the island.  The road narrowed to 2 lanes, and only 1 lane over a bridge or two.  There were no buildings, no street lights, no traffic.  It was lovely.

Finally, I pulled into a turnout and shut down the engine. We sat in the car for 20 minutes, as our eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness and the stars became brighter. Only one car came by in that time. Living in the San Francisco megalopolis there is so much incident light pollution that we can never really see the sky, and in the Stygian darkness looking out over thousands of miles of Pacific, the myriad of stars were enchanting.

Okay, so maybe there was a bit of necking going on–the quiet evening, the cute blonde in the passenger seat, the Valentines mood, all reminded me of the submarine races of my youth.  I don’t fit in the back seat of a Camaro anymore, however.

This was a romantic moment at its finest.  Gail and I just sat, held hands and shared quietly our love and our lives.  The sea crashed on the rocks below, the stars glowed in the heavens, the gently winds blew steady and smooth.  Life is good.



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