Dallas, where else?


Gail’s sister Susan and her husband Jimmy went to visit his brother in the Virgin Islands last week, and stopped in Miami to spend a few days with
Max and Barbara. Gail hates to miss a party so we’re off to Florida for two nights to join the fun.

This means we have to change planes in DFW, as always. There’s a lot of construction going on here, which seems to be more a matter of upgrading than expansion. Possibly its related to the merger between American and US Air, but I’ll take any and all improvements to this place I seem to visit so often.

Now we’re on the plane to Miami, just starting to taxi. Every single seat is full. How can airlines not be making money by the ton when they sell all of their product? I’ll never understand.

Two hours from now we land, get a rental car and head straight to a restaurant to join our friends for dinner.

More to come.


One thought on “Dallas, where else?

  1. Actually, airlines are making money hand over foot right now. AA’s 2014 Q4 earnings were $1.10 billion, on a margin of 10.6% DL made $1.02 billion. Don’t have the UA number handy, but they were in the black too.

    FWIW, average load factor is now running industry-wide at over 84%.

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