East Coast Flash

We all want our houses to look good, to stand out in the neighborhood.  Some people prize the quality of their lawns, others want big walls and gates, complex paint jobs, Disneyland lighting or colorful banners they change with the seasons. yesterday, we saw something new.

I’ve never been to the Florida Keys, so we drove about an hour south of Max and Barbara’s house to Key Largo, which certainly sounds romantic even if the town is kind of roadside tacky.

We always like to just drive around the residential streets, looking for where the rich folks live to see the nice houses. What we found in Key Largo was too interesting not to share.

On the oceanfront streets, we noticed that every house had an exotic mailbox.  Some of them were commercially available plastic molds, like the walrus, while others were clearly hand made, artistic wonders.  There isn’t much more to say about them, so I’ll just give you a gallery to enjoy.


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