Gourmet on the Go

Micky and I are on our way to New Orleans for the spring NABC, North American bridge championships.  As with everything in life, this involves a plane change in Dallas.  Of course.

It’s lunch time, and we are in terminal C.  Terminal A has Papadeaux, a great place to eat.  Terminal C has Au Bon Pain, a place to get sustenance.

I grabbed a Thai Peanut Chicken wrap from the cold box, ordered a diet Pepsi (no Coke here), and we walked to the gate.  There are nowhere near enough seats available at the sandwich store.

I know people who think travelling to distant cities to play high level bridge is dashing or romantic or adventurous, but does this meal, using an airline terminal seat as a table,  inspire any of those ideas in you?

Fancy gourmet dining for the world weary traveler.

Fancy gourmet dining for the world weary traveler.


Not that I want to sound like a martyr–this is clearly the life of Riley.  I love to travel, I love to play bridge, there are no real complaints.  Even if it was a dreadful, cold, dry, overcooked sandwich. Which it was.

I don’t have to go back to DFW until next Thursday, on our way home.  I’m hoping for Terminal A.



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