Breakfast at the Palace Cafe

New Orleans is just amazing–you can get really good food early or late, in a white tablecloth restaurant on the main street which is crowded with people getting drunk early and often because it is St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  Dressy folks are mixed with the great unwashed and nobody cares, we’re all here for a good time.  L’aissez le bon temps roulon!!!!

I went to lunch with my bridge partner Sally Woolsey.  We’re playing in the finals of a national event today, and needed to get a good meal to set the right tone.  We went to the Palace Cafe, a beautiful place next door to the Marriott where there is live jazz, good food and a fantastic wrought iron spiral staircase between the two floors of the dining area.

We both ordered the Eggs Benedict, which is somewhat different here because it is served on cheese biscuits not english muffins, and sports pulled pork rather than ham.

Eggs Benedict New Orleans style.

Eggs Benedict New Orleans style.


Sally had hers without the meat, which was probably a good idea–the pulled pork with no barbecue sauce is not very interesting.

I had dessert, because what else would I do in NOLA? This one was a major winner:

White chocolate bread pudding.

White chocolate bread pudding.

There is a layer of white chocolate in the middle, which melts into the pudding on either side of it.  The sauce is more of a butter sauce, with no bourbon, which is a serious flaw but the pudding is so incredibly soft, moist and wonderful I guess I have to forgive them.

So far, this is the best bread pudding I have had, but, like Stanley searching for Livingstone, I will continue the search as long as is necessary.

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