What I saw here

Interesting sights are all around us, you just have to look and be willing to ask questions.

Emelie and Melissa.  Or Melissa and Emelie, I can't tell.

Emelie and Melissa. Or Melissa and Emelie, I can’t tell.

Emelie and Melissa are bridge partners who look alike–they aren’t twins, they aren’t even sisters.  When they both lived in Calgary, people got them confused so often they started dressing alike to add to the fun.

Emelie (or is it Melissa?) has moved to Montana, but they still play together in Regionals and NABC’s, room together and always dress alike. I noticed them in the playing site, the elevator and the lobby, and just had to take their picture and ask the story.


It doesn't come in my size.

It doesn’t come in my size.

Then I saw this shoe, and the woman attached.  I think she’s the wife of a bridge player; she was playing games on her phone while waiting for him to finish.   Of course I had to ask about the shoes.  They are from Manolo Blahnik, she says they are so comfortable she walked four blocks in them, which is apparently a significant distance for the rich and pampered.

I have nothing like this

I have nothing like this


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