Shopping in the big leagues

Harry was in need of some ‘retail therapy’, so he took us to Lebreton Gallery, on Jackson Street in the City.  It’s a cross between an art gallery and a furniture store. The place is so amazing I had to share a few items.

We like frogs. We have lots of them.

We like frogs. We have lots of them.

We entered the store wondering How Much is that Froggy in the Window?  It was gorgeous, bronze and crystals.  Gail wanted it.  She didn’t want it $16,000 worth, though, so it’s still there if you just have to have it.

Everyone needs a coffee table.  Here’s one that would fit Gail’s insect sculpture collection:

Welded brass, agate and amethyst butterfly

Welded brass, agate and amethyst butterfly

This is a beautiful piece, created in 1970 by, well, somebody, but “Attributed to” Jacques Duval-Brasseur.  No, I don’t know who that is.  I know that a work of art attributed to him is selling for $14,000.  Imagine if they actually knew who made it.

The next item that grabbed my attention was a table lamp, Or a sculpture.  Or decor.  Hard to tell, a bit of everything, but a brilliant piece in any event.

I really like this lamp.

Silvered bronze, iris-motif table from Maison Charles, circa 1950

I love this lamp, and could easily find a good place for it in the house.  Brother, can you spare $6,500?

Every house needs a vase, someplace to show off a few flowers from the garden.  Really big houses need big vases, I guess.


This is a tulipiere, designed in 1963.  If you have an enormous entry way, and a huge table, and $24 grand to spare, you can show off your tulips and make your neighbors very very jealous.

Most of the wares in Lebreton are at least nominally furnishings.  I saw a mans valet stand, for hanging your coat and holding your wallet and accessories, manufactured in 1950, very beautifully finished, which actually has a use but possibly not $8,500 worth.  There was a beautiful patio table and white wire chairs with yellow upholstery, for a mere $38,000.  Maybe it would fit on Donald Trump’s balcony.

Then there are some article of pure fine art, like this stone sculpture:


Femme Athlete, by Antoniucci Volti, circa 1947

A nice, relatively modern sculpture of French origin. $68,000. Fine art has no intrinsic value, it is worth what you can get someone to pay for it.

One more:


Adam.  Janine Janet, 1968

This sculpture is one of a pair–Adam has an Eve.  Made of plaster,  they can’t go outside.  The little cards the store places to describe each item call almost every thing “exceptional”, but these two pieces deserve the honorific. The price tag for the pair is $295,000.

Who can afford this store?  Hereditary trustafarians? Internet bazillionaires? Columbian cocaine druglords?  Beats me.  Somebody is making a ton of money, that’s for sure.

Going to Lebreton Gallery was as much fun as going to the museum, and you get to touch the goods, too.  Give it a try.


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