Mystery Man Revealed!!

Wayne Rechnitz, the mystery man of Orinda

Wayne Rechnitz, the mystery man of Orinda

I found him. In the last place I would have looked–right in our club.

Wayne Rechnitz is the man from Orinda i kept seeing in the results of national tournaments but had never met in real life. There he was, two tables behind Jerry and me today, playing with his wife, Debby.

It turns out that Wayne has been playing since he was 8 years old, but his regular partner lives in Florida and they only play in big tournaments.  Debby started playing a year or two ago, so he has more reason to be playing locally.

The regular partner’s name is Bruce, which makes them the Bruce-Wayne pair, engendering any number of Batman jokes.

Wayne was a consultant to electric utilities, so most of his working life is spent on the road, another reason we don’t see him much around here.

So that’s one major question in life answered.  Now comes the easy part–solving the mystery of Stonehenge and finding the Zodiac killer.


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