Home at last

Clouds this great don't happen often, especially on the high desert

Clouds this great don’t happen often, especially on the high desert.  The 


Home and dry. The dry part wasn’t easy–huge rains today both in Nevada and California, I’m very happy to say.

2,260 miles from Indianapolis to Napa. Roughly 225 gallons of gas, 28 diet Cokes, 3 packs of Hostess cupcakes, 8 packets of peanut butter crackers, cheap Mexican food, cheap Thai food, one Subway sandwich, one Burger King breakfast (English Muffins because they were out of biscuits at 9 am), no partridges in pear trees.

The drive was glorious, magestic and stirring. The vast expanses of the great plains and the high desert, so sparsely populated, are breathtakingly beautiful. So much of this is dismissively referred to as “flyover country”, but it’s also the heart of the nation.

It isn’t all perfect, of course.  The radio plays little but sermonizing preachers and Rush Limbaugh.  The food isn’t good, if you’ve been spoiled by the culinary excitement of the Bay Area.  Bridge games are few and far between.

My trip across the country was wonderful; I enjoyed every minute and would do it again.  And I’m glad to be home, sleeping in my own bed with my favorite blonde.


One thought on “Home at last

  1. Any time you’re up for a transcon (or similar) road trip, let me know. I’m sure it would be a bit different than my 1993 excursion with RC to/from Orlando.

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