Adventure calls

Killing time in the British Airways lounge in London. Heathrow is a zoo, a throbbing mob in the air travel crossroads of the world.   The shopping here is like Rodeo Drive. I don’t know who wants to go to an airport to buy expensive luxury goods but there must be a lot of them to justify the stores you see here. 

Cultural differences abound. The signs in American airport listing the flights are sorted alphabetically by city. In Heathrow, they’re sorted chronologically by departure time, and they don’t tell you the gate until less than an hour before flight time.  You have to go through security, and it is slower and sillier than ours. British efficiency does not extend to the airport. 

We are headed to Munich for a four day trip by horse drawn carriage through the countryside. It is something we bought at a charity gala, and it looks interesting.  We end at Neuschwanstein, mad king Ludwigs fairytale castle.  Then a few days of sightseeing around Munich and Zürich. Home in 10 days.

Stay tuned, this should be beautiful. 


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