Doing my civic duty

Jury duty today. I got lucky and didn’t have to show up at 8 am, but the call-in system said I had to be here at 1 and here I am. 

There isn’t any parking for jurors. You have to find a metered spot, some but not all of which take credit cards, and pay for it yourself. They are clear that you are responsible for your own parking tickets. 

Courthouse security is tighter than the airport. My pocketknife is “contraband”, so I buried it in the bushes rather than hike back to the car. I think of it as a necessary tool, but the cops feel self important and righteous if they are confiscating (the police word for stealing) contraband. 

Entering the jury assembly room, I was given a clipboard and directed to the end of a long line of similar detainees, waiting to check in. The clipboard contains a mildly intrusive questionnaire, some of which I filled out.   I can’t imagine why they would ask questions like what does my former girlfriend do for a living, but it’s none of their business that she is a money smuggler for the syndicate. 

Thinking about how upstanding and self righteous these people are, it amused me to see the bins they use to hold the clipboards. 

As usual, the law doesn’t apply to those who administrate it, the smarmy bastards. 

It’s forty five minutes and nothing has happened. I think there’s an orientation video to come, then maybe a trial. Or maybe just an afternoon of waiting. I’ll let you know. 


One thought on “Doing my civic duty

  1. You could pray –my across the street neighbor, Adam Smith, (the young one) is a public defender out there, in Martini land. Feel free to use his name. yuk yuk. Nice young man about Toby’s age. 🙂

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